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The Hologramic Blueprint

Broadcast on March 24, 2023
With Marshall Lefferts
Hosted by Beth McDougall, MD

The Cosmos is a symphony of energy, matter, and information that operates in harmonic integrity at all scales. Marshall Lefferts explains that with this understanding, humanity has the opportunity to align with this harmonic integrity and restore our relationship with ourselves, nature, and the Cosmos as we approach the Great Shift.

In this session, you’ll discover that:

  • The Universe is a hologram of energy (light and sound), form (matter), and information (consciousness)
  • All of life is an expression of the universal field, with a hologramic blueprint that in-forms (brings into a form) our biofield and body
  • Bringing conscious awareness to this hologramic blueprint empowers us to align with it and the innate wholeness of the Universe 
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Marshall Lefferts

Author, Cosmometry – Exploring the HoloFractal Nature of the Cosmos

Marshall Lefferts is the author of Cosmometry: Exploring the HoloFractal Nature of the Cosmos... a board member of the Resonance Science Foundation (President from 2006 to 2019)... faculty at RSF’s Resonance Academy... associate producer of Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?... visual effects co-director of Thrive II... former co-director of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution... and consulting producer for the Buckminster Fuller Institute (1999-2004).

Marshall Lefferts